DISYS for Healthcare Automation

Digitization of Healthcare Operations Using Hyperautomation


With the power of intelligent automation, D4HA™ allows Providers to 

  • Gain new insights into their processes, 
  • Streamline key functions,
  • Emerge smarter, nimbler and more efficient than ever before.

D4HA™ with its intelligent, robust automation framework and wide array of inbuilt features such as AI assisted data analysis, makes it easier to automate complex healthcare workflows.


DISYS for Healthcare Automation (D4HA™) is a holistic hyperautomation solution for healthcare Providers that reduces manual errors in administrative processes and increases revenue margins. Interested in learning more?


Improving Your Revenue Cycle Management


Currently, 15-20% of claims are denied due to authorization issues or charge capture.


D4HA™ can help increase overall clean claim rates by automating complex workflows. This includes:

  • Enhancing patient scheduling processes,
  • Driving seamless claims status reporting and payment posting to keep your billing process up to date and on track and perform improvement to reduce claim denials,
  • Implementing Denial Analytics Dashboards to track claim denial patterns,
  • Automating follow-ups to increase overall clean claim rates, reducing the amount of manual work needed and eliminating the possibility of human error.

D4HA™ leverages intelligent automation to address these issues in key areas of the process:

  • Pre-claim, 
  • Patient encounter, 
  • Transaction, and 
  • Accounts Receivable follow-up

Making Provider Supply Chain Management Easy


The average U.S. hospital spends about $12.1 million more than it needs to on supply chain costs annually.

The Provider Supply Chain is highly complex. D4HA™ can streamline supply chain activities and integrate them with your revenue cycle to improve compliance and boost process efficiency, without sacrificing clinical outcomes. Leveraging intelligent automation will: 

  • Drive more accurate group purchasing decisions, 
  • Improve distribution methods, and 
  • Streamline inventory management

Creating a Better Experience for Contact Center Operations


85% of Providers believe that customer experience is a key differentiator that plays an important role in retention.

Challenges arise due to inadequate technologies and workforce forecasting tools, high call volumes, issues with scalability, and significant employee turnover. D4HA™ supports effective call center management and improves the customer experience by integrating applications, delivering data in real time, and kicking off processes for an efficient post-call wrap up.

Automation improves overall quality and effectiveness of contact center operations by 90%- without fundamental process redesign. Key goals include: 

  • Enhanced patient engagement, 
  • Stimulating revenue through patient retention, 
  • Better data quality, and, 
  • Increased availability of agents.


Case Studies


Improved process adherence by 80% using IPA for a leading hospital and healthcare management organization in US:

DISYS implemented an Intelligent Process Automation solution for nation’s foremost integrated clinical laboratory system that provides nearly 90 million diagnostics tests per year. DISYS developed & deployed an automation solution to automate the end-to-end process to audit and resubmit outstanding claims. This allowed for consistent follow up of pending claims; increased process adherence from 10% to 90%; projected increase in revenue of $750,000 annually and valuable insights on other areas where automation could provide a positive impact. Click here to learn more. 


One of the largest integrated healthcare organization in US leveraged IPA for SOX audit compliance:

DISYS proprietary IPA solution helped our client maintain SOX audit compliance by decommissioning RSA tokens within 48 hours of termination, resulting in savings of $250K per violation and significant operational savings equivalent to two FTEs. Click here to learn more.


A fortune 10 healthcare company in US reduces bot failure rate by 15%:

DISYS is a strategic partner to a fortune 10 healthcare company to manage one of their largest cognitive and automation programs. Implementing our IPA solution, the client was able to automate 100+ business process leading to 30% reduction in labor costs and increased the bot success rate by 99%. Click here to learn more.